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Blue Links is the natural follow-on to the TERRA "Voies d'eau Vivantes" (VEV) project, which brought together 11 partners from 7 EU regions. The canals involved in this project are shown on this map. Between 1998 and 2002, the partners examined the potential contributions of historic canals to regional development, through a total of 70 individual research projects, and some limited field trials.

The current Blue Links partners joined VEV as observers towards the end of the project, at which time some of the groundwork for the subsequent submission to Interreg IIIB was completed.

Waterways feature in a number of current Interreg IIIB projects, and the group of experts organised under Blue Links will ensure that there is an effective exchange of information among the different canal owners or managers and the territorial authorities involved.

Together, we will try to ensure that our shared network of inland waterways is preserved and used effectively, sustainably and for the benefit of all.

This section of the site will provide profiles of individual waterways comparable with the Deûle-Escaut Canal.

Click on the first link below for an account of the study tour made by Blue Links partners and experts in August 2006.


Study trip to UK canals

28-29 August 2006

UK Millennium Link

Crosscut project

UK Montgomery Canal Partnership


VEV archive 1998-2002

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