Group of experts

A condition for EU funding of the Blue Links project was the effective exchange of experience, techniques and methods not just among the project partners but also with the other EU-funded waterway projects.
The related projects and their partners are listed on the right.
Representatives of all these projects will be exchanging information on a regular basis and meeting several times in the course of the project. The project will therefore benefit from exchange of information among a wide variety of canal restoration and development initiatives.
Active links will replace this static table as the project progresses.
The partners will have protected access to a collaborative work space within this site.

N.B. The lead partner for all the listed projects is British Waterways, the public organisation which has the longest experience of restoration and management of heritage canals.

These pages will provide profiles of these EU-funded projects and of individual partners.

The predecessor of all of the current projects was the Voies d'Eau Vivantes project
(Feder Art. 10, TERRA, 1998-2001). Consult the VEV archive.



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